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Suzuki Center Slovenija


Glazbeno kulturno društvo Suzuki center Slovenija  (Društvo SCS)
Glazbeno kulturno društvo Suzuki center Slovenija  (Društvo SCS) ustanovljeno je 2016. leta kot nepridobitno društvo kero bi bilo was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organisation in order to serve as a coalition of National Suzuki Associations throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Its primary purpose is to further Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s approach to education through the provision of a Suzuki Teacher Training Program which maintains the quality of Suzuki Teaching throughout the region.

The ESA is managed by a Board of Directors which includes representatives of each National Suzuki Association (Country Directors).
The Board of Directors entrusts the daily running of the organisation to the ESA Officers and Administrator.
The Instrument Committees advise the ESA Board on the appointment of Instructors and Teacher Trainers as well as matters relating to Teacher Training and Examinations.

The members of the European Suzuki Association are the National Suzuki Associations.
The National Suzuki Associations have individual members, who may be teachers, parents of students or interested members of the public.
A proportion of membership fees collected by the National Suzuki Associations is paid to the ESA who then pay an annual membership fee on behalf of all Suzuki teacher members to the ISA.

Any person or organisation who wishes to further support the work of the European Suzuki Association are invited to make direct donations to the.


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